MPV AUSTRALIA stands for LGBTIQ+ rights and marriage equality. 

We believe that the true essence of Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ message, and the messages of all other Prophets, is to implore humankind to be merciful to each other and to all of God's creation. We therefore endorse the human rights of LGBTQI+ individuals, support the equality and inclusion of all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and affirm our commitment to ending discrimination based on such.

Please see here for MPV Australia's full statement on marriage equality. 



Muslims for Progressive Values stands in solidarity with other faiths for the rights of refugees on Manus Island. 

Muslims for Progressive Values Australia respond to European court ruling on headscarves at the workplace. (March 15 2017)


September 2016

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July 2016

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June 27th, MPV-LA on KALW: Listen to the interview with Rolla Selbak Award-winning filmmaker of Three Veils; and Younes Mourchid, M.A., Ph.D: Adjunct Professor of Communication Studies at Cal State East Bay archived. 


JUne 2016

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APRIL 2016

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MARCH 2016

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