We believe in an Islam that promotes human dignity, animal welfare and environmentalism.

Islam is a way of life, a philosophy and a belief system that is rooted in the Quran and belongs to all humanity. We believe that the true essence of the message of the Prophet Muhammad (and the messages of all other Prophets) is to implore humankind to be merciful to each other and to all of God's creation.

“We have not sent you except as a mercy to the worlds”
— (Quran 21:107)

Any interpretations of the Quran or Hadiths (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) that contradict the divine message of Love, Kindness and Mercy are incompatible with Islam. 

We advocate for the values that further human rights including egalitarianism, freedom of expression, freedom of/from religion, women's rights, and LGBT rights. We aim to foster communities across Australia that can nurture these Islamic principles for everyone (Muslim or non-Muslim) no matter what part of their spiritual journey they are on.

What Does It Mean To Be A Progressive Muslim?

The adoption of progressive values in Islam is not new but rather arose from a deeper study and familiarity with the basic tenets of the Quran. These studies often lead Muslims to the reformation of their long-held beliefs and the shedding of the misinformed, excess baggage of organized religion. Here are a few of the values held by many progressive Muslims today.  If you need to write a paper about Muslims values and make a deeper research, you can request write my essay online help from professionals.

Independent, scripture-based thinking 

Being a progressive Muslim means using independent thinking to interpret the Quran. This comes with a certain responsibility, however, that relies on critical thinking and openness to diversity of thought, as well as a more serious immersion with scriptures. Progressive Muslims value independent, critical thinking over the blind following of religious scholars, while staying close to scholarly studies that are consistent with the message of the Quran. 

Service to others 

Progressive Muslims ground themselves in the basic values of the Quran such as truth, wisdom, and service to others. The Quran does not separate veneration of and belief in Allah from the regular discharge of one's moral obligations to his creation. Righteousness means being a  productive member of society and having the willingness to serve others, whether as a business owner, professional, a father, son, brother or a human being in general. 

Marriage to a Muslim woman 

While the Quran does not forbid Muslim men from marrying non-women women, it strongly discourages certain marriages especially to women who are polytheists. Today, interfaith marriages are becoming increasingly common, although marriage to a Muslim woman is still seen as the ideal choice for progressive Muslim men. Not only does it strengthen the religious foundations of the family, but a marriage between two Muslims also makes marital and other conflicts easier to resolve. Marrying a Muslim woman also adheres to the Quranic principle that Muslim women should only marry Muslim men. 

A deeper knowledge of and immersion in the Quran allows many progressive Muslims today to shed the stereotypes that come with the religion. This also allows them to reveal to the rest of the world that Islam is a peaceful religion that values diversity and equal respect for all creations.

Acceptance of diversity 

Progressive Muslims celebrate pluralism as diversity is Allah's creation. This eliminates any prejudice against other thoughts, races, and religions because of all these are the creations of Allah. This also means recognizing the equality of men and women as well as their differences. Since both are equally the creations of Allah, both must be treated with the same degree of dignity. In fact, many progressive  Muslims hold progressive views on gender equality and view male superiority as a human construct borne out of a cultural need. Female servitude, in particular, is seen as a cultural answer to the needs of a patriarchal society and not a directive of the Quran. 


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